• 4 Boro Pizza Bike Tour w/Jeff Orlick

    by  • August 19, 2015 • Bike Tours, Ideas We Love • 1 Comment

    Last week I joined Jeff Orlick for what was to be a 5 boro pizza bike tour. I showed up to our meeting point (under the ATE of the Staten Island Ferry, clever!) thinking we were going on a little ride through Staten Island. I was totally unprepared but that’s what added to the fun of the ride.

    Our pizza stops in order were to be…

    1. Joe & Pat’s – Staten Island
    2. Roberta’s – Brooklyn
    3. John’s – Queens
    4. Golden Pizza – Bronx
    5. Patsy’s – Manhattan/Harlem

    Bike Riders Eating Pizza

    But as things happen, John’s was closed, we detoured to Astoria and then headed to Certe in Manhattan instead. Overall it was a lot of fun and Joe and Pat’s vodka pizza slice stole the show. Staten Island is on my radar now.

    A big thanks to Jeff for organizing and look for a collaboration ride coming in the future….I hope! You can also check out his website for his other food tours. Our route is below.

    Pizza Winner Joe and Pat's Pizza Staten Island

    the winner

    a map of our pizza bike tour. click to see route and details.

    a map of our tour. click to see route and details.

    Photo credits courtesy of Jeff. Check out Flickr for more.