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    We are Brooklyn by Bike bringing you bike tours and culture from Brooklyn with love.

    contact: brooklynbybike [at] gmail [dot] com

    Brooklyn by Bike was born out of a love for traveling around the city by bicycle. Others think we are crazy but we have a passion for our wheels like nothing else. We wouldn’t give it up for riding the train, well except maybe if it rains hard or we’re too tired or too drunk. We love the smell of fresh air in between those puffs of exhaust and we see the city from a different point of view – one that we think is better but we respect others who don’t. We wear helmets – some of us do anyway – because it’s our choice. We’d love if motorists would give us some respect and we’ll gladly return the favor. We are the folks on bikes. You might see us at the end of the day en mass heading back home to Brooklyn.

    credit gudphoto

    Hi, I’m Anita and I run this site.

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