• Art + Bicycles = Papergirl. Submission deadline Aug 15th.

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    Enjoy creative ideas? Make art? Papergirl NYC is looking for “rollable” art submissions by Aug 15th. Papergirl began 5 years ago in Berlin as artists took their art to the streets imitating paperboys. PaperGirl distributes art to strangers on the street by bike after the art is shown in a gallery.

    This year Papergirl will be exhibiting at the Dumbo Art Center from August 23-27, and then again at the Armory in Manhattan from August 28-29. The same art will then be shown at the Marketplace Gallery in Albany from September 3-6, and the art will be distributed in its home city the week thereafter.

    Send submissions/get more info at PaperGirl.Albany@gmail.com and Papergirl NY.

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    One Response to Art + Bicycles = Papergirl. Submission deadline Aug 15th.

    1. July 30, 2010 at 11:56 AM

      Thank you for writing about PaperGirl. I just wanted to let you know of some corrections:
      Our email is PaperGirl.Albany@gmail.com
      Our deadline is August 1, but write us and we will grant you an extension.

      The gallery dates are:
      The Dumbo Art Center: August 24-25
      The Armory: August 27-29
      The Marketplace Gallery September 3-6

      Thank you.

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