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    What are the best city bike locks? Let’s discuss. Last week I was over at my friend Rita’s place and I noticed she was using a grey Kryptonite u-lock. Now just to be clear she lives in NYC which has one of the highest bike theft rates around. Not only this but she has had a Bianchi road bike stolen and two wheels stolen off of a Specialized Roll. The woman is not immune. I myself have had two bikes stolen in NYC. I learned.

    Grey ATB Kryptonite Kryptolock

    You should learn too and invest in a better lock! In high density, high theft areas, sometimes your lock costs as much as your bike BUT it’s worth it if you use your bike. Think about it. One monthly metrocard is now $116.50. Your bike might be $300+ and your u-lock should be about $100. In four months of commuting you’ve already paid for the cost of your bike and lock, gotten some exercise and saved many headaches. So which locks are best?

    Best City Bike Locks

    1. My personal favorite and go to is the Kryptonite New York Lock at $89.
    • PROS: You can get your front or rear wheel with the frame and poll. I use this lock for long lock up periods (5 hours+) in high traffic areas.
    • CONS: 5 pound weight

    new york city bike lock kyrptonite

    proper u-lock method

    proper u-lock method

    • With this lock I also use Pinhead wheel locks because it is important to lock both your wheels. You could also use a cable but I prefer less weight. Note these type work on quick release wheels but you can get locking bolts for solid axle types.
    Pinhead Wheel Locks

    proper wheel lock method

    solid axle bicycle wheel lock

    2. If you don’t want to carry around a 5 pound lock and are locking up for a few hours, I recommend the Kryptonite mini orange lock. Now with this one it’s essential you use a cable to lock both wheels or opt for the wheel locks.

    • PROS: Lightweight at 2.4 lbs, cheaper at $45
    • CONS: Short shackle is only enough to lock a frame and required wheel locks or a cable

    city bike lock kryptonite evolution mini 3.25 x 5.5

    3. If you want to get fancy there is the TiGr titanium lock which bends when thieves try to cut it.

    PROS: Super lightweight at 1.7 pounds, locks wheel and frame

    CONS : Price is expensive at $170 +


    And of course there is always Hal from Bike Habitat who will teach you how to lock your bike if you are looking for more tips!