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    What happens to beautiful old bikes that no longer have ridable use? Andy Greg turns them into furniture! We over here at Brooklyn By Bike love ideas that help make the environment a better place and Andy Greg has been designing bike furniture in Michigan since 1990. Need a new table, chair, barstool or lounger? Check out his site for more information.

    We wonder if that old banged up Schwinn we’ve had since middle school can be custom reconfigured into a coffee table.

    Bike Furniture Design is a design and manufacturing studio specializing in contemporary, modern furniture made primarily from recycled steel and aluminum bicycle rims, handlebars, and frames.”

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    1. November 18, 2008 at 10:10 PM

      Andy Greg makes great art. It is very cool and smart. There is another artist doing things with bicycle recycling at bikengruvin.com. I hope more people get into this craft. Click my name above to see his site.

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