• Bike-Friendlier with Facebook

    by  • March 16, 2009 • Bike as Art, News • 0 Comments

    Hey want a tag on your bike that monitors your whereabouts and broadcasts them to Facebook? Don’t feel like like your real life intersects enough with your online life? Awesome. If you live in Copenhagen, you are in luck.

    Together Copenhagen and M.I.T. will distribute by November about 1,000 smart tags so riders will have been using them for a time before the United Nations Climate Change Conference hosted by the city in December. As cyclists whiz past wireless hotspots, the tags will register passage, tracking bike routes taken. Back home, riders will be able to log on to Facebook to find out which other riders crossed their path that day, as well as to see who has accrued the most miles—a kind of friendly competition. [via SciAm]

    Sounds a little bit like RFID tag to me. Seriously though, don’t live in Copenhagen but interested in making a geo-tagged journey of your own? Check out the EveryTrail application for the iPhone. The app will let you record your journey with geo-tagged photos that are automatically added to a slideshow at their website. Pretty soon you could have an interesting virtual database of your bike rides.