• Bike Snob Comes Out & Talks about Bike Culture, So?

    by  • March 31, 2010 • Bike Events, News • 12 Comments

    This week, Bike Snob revealed himself to be a 36 year old dude named Eben Weiss. Some folks in the bike community are upset but with a new book launch and promotional events in the works, but he has made himself highly marketable. With his newly reveled identity, Eben will be speaking at an upcoming Transportation Alternatives Bike Culture Summit on May 6  with David Herlihy, author of “Bicycle: The History.” Tickets are on sale April 1 on TA’s website. [via NYT]

    The event might actually be entertaining, but a part of me sees it as another dry panel with a couple of middle aged white guys talking about bicycles. Is this really more of what our community needs – a guy from the Harvard Cycling Club talking about bike culture? I want to see all type of folks out there on bicycles, and panels like this don’t help change the image of cycling. If TA really wants to get more bicycles on the road, they are going to need everybody so why not start speaking to us all?