• Streetsy Daily Streetart Photos – Biking as Art

    by  • October 22, 2008 • Bike as Art • 0 Comments

    When reading Streetsy’s post “40 Artists You Should Know Besides Banksy,” we found a lonely image at the bottom by bike. It got me thinking about biking as art in itself.

    Three things come to mind when I think of the intersection of biking and art. The first being that of the bike itself, the second being that of the movement and rhythm and the third being that of alternating between a state of hyper-awareness and auto pilot…scary I know.

    The kids these days, at least in Brooklyn, have really started to pimp out their bikes. You can find cycles out there that cost more than cars but it’s not just money that I’m talking about here. Bikes are the perfect canvases for art whether that be in the hardware or on the surface. Two of my favorite images are below…

    Smiling Bike

    LED Programmed Smiling Bike

    And if you are in Brooklyn this Sat, you might just find me here with my point and shoot looking for that intersection.