• Blurb Round Up: Byrne, Cyclist Tickets, ect.

    by  • September 29, 2009 • Bike Events, News • 1 Comment

    Last Tuesday I headed over to see David Byrne speak about cycling on a panel with Janet Sadik-Khan, Paul Steely White of Transportation Alternatives and Mitchell Joachim. Byrne’s most entertaining bit consisted of showing slides of large urban/suburban street intersections and saying something like, “What’s going on here? There’s no people!” He wasn’t the best speaker but the panel was informative and entertaining nonetheless. Janet Sadik-Khan was the true highlight but to be fair, she talked to New Yorkers about how great NYC cycling infrastructure is and how great it is going to be. How could you not love that?

    Though it is technically legal, cops are giving tickets to cyclists now for not using the bike lane . Thanks to @mattupstate for the note.

    Ticket for not using Bike Lane NYC

    I tweeted that I’d prefer if they’d start ticketing those who ran stoplights first, self included. This caused 20+ people to reply telling me that I was stupid or that stoplights are not really stops for cyclists and they’d rather see cops ticket cars parked in bike lanes. Can’t really disagree with some of that but I do know we as cyclists have got to slow down for pedestrians. I’ve made a conscious decision to do so and have noticed how pedestrians grimace when they see a cyclist approaching even when the ped has right of way. It’s not right.

    In other news, there is a robot who will pedal your tandem and a line of cycling specific gear designed for women! About time, ladies…just wish the stuff didn’t look like it walked out of 1992.