• Flat-Proof Road Bicycle Tires for All Your City Jaunts

    by  • April 15, 2017 • Ideas We Love, News, Photos • 14 Comments

    How do you choose a flat proof bicycle tire? Yesterday I got my first flat on the 3 month old Surly bike. The pinch flat was my fault as purposefully hit two curbs in a row. C’est la vie. I’ve been riding around on stock Ritchey SpeedMax Cross tires mainly because I’m too cheap to shell out money for new tires. I also rather like that they spit out gravel when I hit a rough patch of road and given their knobbiness, the tires are pretty fast.

    I figure I will cave in after a few flats and invest in city proof tires. NYC is full of glass, potholes and the like so I turned to my Twitter friends for recommendations.

    In order of most recommendations we have the following city proof bicycle tires.

    1. Schwalbe Marathon – Price per tire $25-32
    Schwalbe Marathon – Price per tire $25-32

    Schwalbe Marathon Plus Bicycle Tires

    @feedmeshow “Tough, high-mileage tires, with a reflective strip for better nighttime visibility.”

    @BicycleFixation”tough, comfy enough, not too slow.”


    2. Specialized Armadillo – Price per tire $45-60

    Specialized Armadillos

    @marcmayer “I use armadillo tires. One set of tubes for the entire season. Worth 80 ish for a pair.”

    @misterarthur “Armadillos are bulletproof but are like riding on train wheels. (YMMD)”


    3. Continental GatorskinHardshell or Top Contacts – Price per tire $28-45

    Continental Gatorskins

    @mlascarides “Riding Continental Top Contacts. Con: A bit squirrely when riding parallel to painted lines. Pro: Good feel, indestructible.”


    Other mentions include Bontrager Hardcase, Michelin Hardterrain, Hutch Fusion 2 and Vittoria Rubino or Randonneur Pro.

    What do you recommend?