• Hardcourt Bike Polo Gains Popularity

    by  • January 9, 2009 • Ideas We Love • 3 Comments

    We recently rediscovered Bike Polo courtesy of Hardcourt Bike Polo. This sport is kind of like regular polo but played with bikes instead of horses! I remember seeing some kids playing on grass a few years ago, but the hard court version has come a long way.

    In bike polo, the front wheel of the bike is protected so that a the mallet doesn’t get stuck in the spokes while the mallet itself is usually homemade with some plastic and a ski pole. The bike of choice is the fixed gear for its control. The sport has gained quite a bit of popularity in the last few years, and I imagine that is will continue skyrocket as bike popularity itself takes off. Being a displaced Midwesterner, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Wisconsin has some of the best polo teams in the country!

    To learn more check out Hardcourt Bike Polo and NYC Bike Polo. A lovely video of the sport shot in Paris is below and of course one in NYC as well.