• Hurricane Sandy, Bicycles & Relief Rides Continue

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    A few weeks ago, we helped organize a Hurricane Sandy relief ride from Bicycle Habitat, Brooklyn. It was an eye opening, collaborative experience on which even Bike Snob came along.

    As we made our way through the dense traffic of Flatbush Avenue, still several miles from the devastation on the Rockaway Peninsula, many people hollered out words of thanks and encouragement. Some smiled and shook their heads in disbelief. Some laughed.

    I could understand why they might be skeptical. After all, we were headed out to a scene where the debris filled an entire parking lot at Jacob Riis Park. Acres and acres of it, hoed into neat rows by Department of Sanitation vehicles. [via Sarah Goodyear for The Atlantic]

    It’s been a few weeks since this ride and many people are still without power and basic supplies. It’s during times like these that help is even more necessary. Relief rides continue to happen each week via Times Up and Affinity Cycles. Let’s continue to work together. You can also check out our calendar for updated ride info.

    via Sara Goodyear

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