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    by  • October 21, 2008 • Ideas We Love • 0 Comments

    A few weeks back I was surfing Flickr for work and I stumbled upon this messenger bag. In one of the comments, I was driven to www.zerpergallon.com which explained the idea behind the patch seen here.

    Zero Per Gallon is a site run by “jonny5waldman” whose inspiration behind his idea came in 2005 when gas prices began to rise dramatically. And most of us have probably heard the NYT quote, “The US has 3% of the world’s population, and uses 25% of the world’s oil.” Jonny thinks “‘Voracious’ is an understatement; greedy might be the right word. And ‘propensity’ is too kind; addiction is more like it.”

    Hey Johnny, we are with you on this one. Check out his site for strange goat humor jokes and even more clever patches and stickers – also available for sale near you. We happen to really like this one…