• Mountain Biking, Secret and So Much Fun

    by  • June 19, 2012 • Bike Events, Bike Tours, Ideas We Love • 1 Comment

    Two weekends ago I had the opportunity to go Mountain Biking just outside of New York City on Blue Mountain Reservation. Located in Peekskill, NY it is about two miles north of the Cortlandt station on the Metro North. I went for the Fat Tire Festival where I was easily spoiled demoing the Trek Lush and Specialized Saphire.

    I found that mountain biking was similar to city biking in that you are always standing up when you ride over objects and putting most of your weight into the pedals rather than the saddle and handlebars. This time it was just rocks and logs that I ran over rather than potholes. The Blue Mountain trails were fairly advanced for beginners like us but after a ride or two I felt rather fearless. There were definitely times where I just hung on to my bike as I sped down hills and prayed that I didn’t fall or shatter that carbon frame. It worked.

    City riders don’t get much of the chance to ride in the woods, but festivals like Fat Tire offer opportunities to ride for free. Brooklyn Outfitters will soon be leading trips as well. I felt like I discovered a secret when I hit the trails. It’s fun and you’ve probably never tried it before. You should.