• My Shifting Sentiment Toward Helmets

    by  • August 18, 2009 • News • 9 Comments

    A few years back you couldn’t get me to wear a helmet. I thought they looked stupid and didn’t really believe they’d do much good in the event of an accident. Then I had this friend who kept nagging me, like really nagged me every time we saw each other. I respected this friend and thought fine, I’ll wear one and I’ve been wearing one ever since. I guess you could say I’m easily swayed by my peers.

    Now days I’ve been rethinking my stance on helmets. Now this isn’t to say I’m about to stop wearing one. I ride on heavily trafficked NYC streets and figure if I hit something I’d rather it be helmet before  my head but I don’t think helmets should be mandated. Rather I think they should be a matter of personal choice and this is coming from someone who has a sticker that reads “You’d look hotter in a helmet” or her helmet. If folks are educated on the issue and choose not to wear a helmet, who cares. Sometimes I ride my bike really slow in the park without a helmet. It might be time to take my sticker off.

    Oh yeah and then there is this graph that’s been making the internet rounds about how as more people ride bikes, the less dead cyclists we have on the road.

    Ah, the old helmet debate. If you read Copenhagenize you know they are all anti-helmet law and I’m going to agree with them here – though we still don’t agree on that wear your work clothes to commute thing🙂

    Your two cents?