• New iPhone App for Your Bike and A Way to Pedal Power It

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    The folks over atUncommon Projects have designed a way to power your phone/camera/electronic device using a Dynohub, an electric generator built into a bicycle hub. You might remember their work from Yahoo’s “Purple Pedals” campaign, the one where Yahoo sent out a few GPS-enabled bicycles equipped with cameraphones that automatically shot and uploaded photos to Flickr.

    While the Dynohub technology might not be new, Uncommon Projects takes an open approach with their projects and provides everything from the photos and videos to the source code and schematics online, plus they are from Brooklyn!

    dyno bike

    That's Hal from Bike Habitat taking apart one of their Dyno hack projects.


    Now that you can power your phone on your bike, you’ll need a new app to go along with it. Tarihk from Uncommon Projects has you covered! Coming soon in the apps store, Bikenik, a trip computer in an iPhone app. It gives riders real-time stats and and tracks their fitness over time.

    "Think: Nike+ with handlebars."

    [via Flickr]