• NYC bikeshare launches summer 2012, chooses Alta

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    It was announced today that NYC has chosen Alta, the same company that runs the DC and Melbourne bike shares to run NYC’s program. This will definitely take them into a new territory, running a such a large operation in NYC.

    Bike Share Milan

    The 10,000 bike system will have 600 stations, and will cost $100 a year to join.  After that, bike usage for the first half hour is free.

    Users will be able to check out bikes from any one of the 600 stations, and return them to any other.

    Unexpectedly, the stations will range from the Upper West Side to Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  Previously, experts had assumed the system would only cover Manhattan.

    It will launch in summer, 2012. [via Transportation Nation]

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    2 Responses to NYC bikeshare launches summer 2012, chooses Alta

    1. September 14, 2011 at 4:08 PM

      We are elated to hear that the bikeshare program will hit the Upper West Side as well as other parts of New York City. This is a huge benefit for the community because it decreased dependence of public transit and helps improve the environment. The exercise is also great for everyone’s health!

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