• On Buying a New Bike

    by  • March 23, 2009 • Bike Events, News • 2 Comments

    I’m catching a bit of spring fever even though it still feels like winter out there. That and my Peugeot commuter bike is finally starting to need some real work…work that I don’t want to pay for an am to lazy to figure out. $65 for a new cassette freewheel and chain? Come on Dixon’s Bike Shop!

    My Bike

    I’ve also got this Global 10 beater bike that needs so much work, I leave it hiding in the apartment. Let’s just say though I am learning, bike repairs are still not my forte. I figure I put my money to a new bike for now and invest in something that will last a good while.  I’m also a fan of reasonably priced, commuter bikes…hello no proper job! I’ve been thinking about something that will get me around the city and occasionally take me on longer trips and I’ve narrowed it down to a few bikes.

    Bike #1: KHS Urban Express

    I spent some time in California this past summer and rented a KHS Urban Express, which was an absolute solid and fast commuter bike. Even with its steel frame I didn’t find it to be too heavy. It runs about $400 and LIC Bicycles has them in stock.

    Bike #2 Redline 925

    I’ve been contemplating a fixed gear for awhile and love that this one has a flip/flop hub for the choice between a single speed freewheel and fixed gear. At about $500 it pretty reasonably priced as well. No idea where this bike is being sold, but I’m planning on visiting Roy’s Sheepshead Cycle (2679 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn NY, 11235) and LIC Biycles (2511 Queens Plz N Long Island City, NY 11101) today to see what’s out there.

    Recommendations? Thoughts? How do you go about choosing a new bicycle?