• My urban commuter tires, Schwalbe Marathon Plus review

    by  • March 17, 2015 • Reviews, Tips • 2 Comments

    Back in August I wrote about my constant flat tires. After about 2.5 years on some stock bicycle tires, I bought Schwalbe Marathon because I was tired and overdue after three flats in one week. My Ritchey Speed Max tires had started cracking near the sidewall and a few pieces of glass were constantly getting lodged in the tire. I asked my twitter followers for recommendation on flat proof tires and ultimately went with Schwalbe Marathons.

    Schwalbe Marathon

    What I like…

    • Schwalbe Marathons are one of the cheaper heavy duty performance tires. I paid around $39.50/tire on Amazon. In NYC you can easily find bike shops charging $55+ for the same type of tire.
    • Tires handle just as well as lighter tires on the road. With the thicker tread, I actually feel less bumps on the road.
    • They are under the radar in the US but tried an true in Europe. Paris’ Velib bike share trusts them!
    • Reflective side walls!

    What I don’t like…

    • Tires are harder to put on your bike because of the stiff sidewalls.
    • The Marathons are heavier than my stock tires.

    I’ve been riding the Marathons almost everyday since August with no problems and no flats. I only once wiped out on these treads during a heavy rain night but to the tire’s credit I was riding a curve with a grate at a very high speed. I suppose that’s my own stupidity:) Overall they are extremely durable and responsive tires which are worth the investment on NYC city streets!