• The Fuss Over Cycle Inspired Clothing

    by  • July 6, 2009 • News, Photos • 14 Comments

    Recently, Copenhagen Cycle Chic posted “The Good News and Bad News About Cycle Chic.”

    The good news is that the very simple concept of riding a bicycle in your regular [preferably fashionable in my opinion, but not a prerequisite] clothes is being picked up by the press all over the world. This is a good thing.

    If you want to ride a bicycle to work or the supermarket over short distances, you do not need ‘gear’. Just open your closet.

    [via Cycle Chic]

    Alright so I admit, I was inspired by this post and thought, to hell with it. I am going to wear my normal work clothes on my bicycle. Now I usually commute in a t-shirt and loose fitting pants, so today I wore a collared shirt instead. I traveled pretty slowly the entire time getting to work in an hour rather than 45min, but I still arrived sweaty.

    Now I know I can get away will wearing my normal clothes in the winter, but come summer, it goes out the window. This is why I really do think there is a market for functional, fashionable cycling clothes…clothes that will wick away sweat but still look hot. While I agree with Cycle Chic that slapping cycling labels on regular shoes and clothing is just a marketing gimmick (ahem Topshop), there are companies out there who put time and money into researching and testing functional clothing.

    Take Outlier for example, they make high quality tailored clothing for cycling. (Though not currently for women! …they tell us a women’s line is coming soon.)

    Also Patagonia although not cycling specific, makes high performance clothing that can also pass in the office.

    With the increasing popularity of cycling, there should be more options for causal and commuting cyclists to look good and feel good too. Sure a trip to the store doesn’t require specialized clothing, but a trip to work in the big city could.