• Times-Up Ride to Ft. Tilden

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    This past 4th of July, I joined Time-Up for their ride to Ft. Tilden. Apparently the beach I thought I was going all this time to wasn’t Ft. Tilden but Riis Beach! So I was glad to join this group ride and discover the most remote beach in NYC. And by remote I mean there were at least three other groups in our area…but hey it was the 4th and this is NYC. Nonetheless, it’s a great day escape from the city and I imagine is quiet more often than not.

    This ride was particularity fun because of a giant Bob Marley flag, a boombox and the lovely mix of people who came along. If you missed this ride Time-Up leads one to the beach about every month. You can check out their Facebook page or site for more details. Scroll down for the map and route.

    riding down through Prospect Park

    bike supported picnic

    fun crew reaches the beach

    We took a slightly different route through Victorian Flatbush but if you are looking for segregated bike paths, taking the route below is your best bet.

    route to Ft. Tilden. watch out for unpaved road on the greenway as you approach Flatbush. click for the google map.

    First photo courtesy of Julian Silva, second Times-Up. Thanks!