• Women’s Specific Cycling Design, Flowers Not Appreciated

    by  • May 27, 2009 • News, Photos • 17 Comments

    Women’s Specific Design, you know flowers and pastels plastered all over equipment designed for us. You’re into it right? Didn’t think so.

    Yesterday I decided to spend my lunch break at the local bike shop testing a few different road models. I’ve been in the market for a new bike a decided to ask the shop what they would recommend for long commuting/short touring. They pointed me in the direction of the female specific frames. It’s not the first time I’ve seen these things with their unique geometry. I’m glad companies have started to take note on the differences in our size, but it’s the design that makes me vomit. Yesterday I rocked the Specialized Dolce around midtown, a purple bike with flowers. I’m 25 years old. Take a look.


    Specialized Dolce: In case your lady spirit wasn't already satisfied by the pastel color scheme, check out the flowers on the tubes and fork.


    Trek 7200 WSD: Purple flowers are a go.

    Alright I admit my tastes are unique (I do enjoy Men’s Pocky after all) but the ladies and gentlemen on twitter had much to say regarding the female design issue with 17+ replies in one day!

    @JohnFriedrich It’s often embarrassing to show a pink bike laden with flowers to an educated woman who earns 3x what I do.

    @ihateangellamke girly bikes are why I’ve always owned men’s bikes. That and being tall/long-limbed.

    That’s right manufacturers, we don’t appreciate the flowers. Please take note. I’d actually like to know how a female specific design comes to fruition. Is there a focus group? Are there female designers? Who is designing this ugly crap? Misaligned cycling designs for women speak a thousand words about a woman’s place in the cycling industry. Don’t even get me started on the apparel industry…


    Team Estrogen: Because I rock all pink too